Triple the Fun: Swimming Pool Games for Three Players

Triple the Fun: Swimming Pool Games for Three Players

Triple the Fun: Swimming Pool Games for Three Players


Are you and your friends searching for some fun and exciting swimming pool games to play? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore a variety of entertaining and engaging games specifically designed for three players. Whether you have a small group of friends or a trio of siblings, these games will make your time in the pool unforgettable. So grab your swimsuits, gather your friends, and let’s dive into the world of three-player pool games!

Why Games for Three Players?

Playing swimming pool games with three players has its own unique advantages. First and foremost, having an odd number of players adds an element of competitiveness and strategic play. With only two opponents, it can be easier to predict their moves. But with three players, the game becomes more unpredictable, challenging, and thrilling!

Another advantage of playing with three players is the immense variety of game options available. From classic pool games with adaptations to new creations specifically designed for trios, the possibilities are endless. This allows you and your friends to explore different games, keeping the pool time fresh and exciting every time you gather.

Classic Water Tag

One of the most popular and exhilarating pool games for three players is classic water tag. The rules are simple yet full of excitement. One player is designated as the “tagger” while the other two are the “runners.” The tagger has to catch either of the runners by tagging them with their hand. Once tagged, that runner becomes the new tagger, and the game continues.

To maximize the fun, it’s essential to have enough space in the pool for the runners to navigate and for the tagger to chase. Additionally, waterproof goggles can add an extra layer of excitement as the runners try to evade the tagger underwater. Remember, safety should always be a priority, so ensure that all players can swim comfortably in the chosen pool area.

Marco Polo’s Triumphant Trio

Who hasn’t heard of the classic game of Marco Polo? Adapted for three players, this game adds a new level of difficulty and strategy. For this trio version, one player becomes Marco Polo, while the other two become the “fish.” Marco Polo closes their eyes and tries to locate the fish using only their hearing. The fish can respond to Marco Polo’s call of “Marco” by saying “Polo,” but they have to be careful not to give away their exact location.

To enhance the game experience, you can modify the rules by allowing limited vision instead of complete blindness or designating a hiding spot for the fish. These adaptations keep the game fair while adding different dynamics to the gameplay. Experiment with various modifications to find what works best for your trio.

Keep It Afloat: Float Relay Races

Get ready to race, splash, and have a blast with float relay races! This game is perfect for three players and requires creativity, teamwork, and a touch of friendly competition. To set up the race, each player gets their own unique pool float. The goal is for each player to race across the pool, tag the wall, and return to their starting point as quickly as possible. The player who completes the race in the shortest time wins!

To make the race more challenging, you can designate a certain style of swimming or add obstacles in the pool. Encourage players to strategize their approach, focusing on both speed and stability on their floats. Float relay races are sure to bring out the inner athlete in each participant and create unforgettable memories.

Volleyball Mini-Tournaments

Looking for a game that combines teamwork and friendly competition? Organize mini volleyball tournaments for your trio in the swimming pool! While volleyball is typically played with six players, adapting it for three players can be just as fun. All you need is a net (or a makeshift one), a beach ball, and a pool area with enough space to play.

Divide yourselves into two teams, and let the games begin! The objective is to volley the ball over the net, aiming to prevent it from touching the water on your side. To add more excitement, you can establish a point system or set a time limit for each round. This ensures fairness and keeps the game interesting. Mini volleyball tournaments are not only energizing but also promote teamwork and communication skills.


Swimming pool games for three players offer a world of fun, competition, and strategic play. With the advantages of increased competitiveness and a diverse range of games, playing in a group of three guarantees a memorable pool experience. From classic water tag to modified versions of Marco Polo, float relay races, and mini volleyball tournaments, there is a game for every trio.

These games are not only enjoyable for all ages and skill levels but also provide an opportunity to bond, laugh, and create lasting memories with friends and family. So, the next time you find yourself with a small group of swimming pool lovers, remember to try out these thrilling three-player games. Get ready to make a splash and triple the fun in your pool!


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