Volume Calculation: How Many Gallons in a 24-Foot Round Pool?

Volume Calculation: How Many Gallons in a 24-Foot Round Pool?

Volume Calculation: How Many Gallons in a 24-Foot Round Pool?


Welcome, swimming pool lovers and enthusiasts! Today, we are going to dive into an important topic that every pool owner should be familiar with: volume calculation. Knowing how many gallons of water are in your pool is crucial for proper pool maintenance and chemistry. In this post, we’ll specifically focus on calculating the volume of a 24-foot round pool, so let’s get started!

Understanding Pool Volume

When we talk about pool volume, we are referring to the amount of water the pool holds. The volume of your pool is a key factor in determining how much chemicals and water treatments you’ll need to maintain a clean and balanced swimming environment.

Typically, pool volume is measured in gallons or liters. In the United States, gallons are the most commonly used unit of measurement, so we’ll stick to that in this post. However, keep in mind that you can convert gallons to liters using a simple conversion factor.

Several factors influence the volume of a pool, including its shape and depth. The shape of the pool determines the calculations needed to figure out the volume accurately. Round pools, like the 24-foot one we’ll focus on, have a well-defined formula for volume calculation.

Calculating Pool Volume

Calculating the volume of a round pool is relatively straightforward. Here’s the formula you can use:

Volume = π (pi) × radius² × depth

Now, let’s break it down step-by-step and apply it to our 24-foot round pool:

Step 1: Find the Radius
To calculate the volume, we need to start by finding the radius of the pool. The radius is essentially half the diameter. In our case, the pool has a diameter of 24 feet, so the radius would be 24 ÷ 2 = 12 feet.

Step 2: Calculate the Area
To calculate the volume, we need to square the radius and multiply it by pi (π). Since pi is a mathematical constant with an approximate value of 3.14, we have:

Area = π × (12 feet)²

Step 3: Determine the Depth
Next, we need to determine the average depth of the pool. Measure the depth at multiple points and calculate their average to get a more accurate result. For example, if the average depth is 5 feet, we’ll use that in our calculation.

Step 4: Apply the Formula
Now that we have the area and the depth, we can plug them into the formula:

Volume = (3.14) × (12 feet)² × 5 feet

Simplifying the equation gives us the final volume:

Volume = 3.14 × 144 square feet × 5 feet = 2260.8 cubic feet

Step 5: Convert to Gallons
To convert the volume from cubic feet to gallons, we need to know the conversion factor. There are 7.48 gallons in 1 cubic foot, so:

Volume = 2260.8 cubic feet × 7.48 gallons/cubic foot ≈ 16,888.58 gallons

Therefore, the approximate volume of our 24-foot round pool is around 16,889 gallons.


Congratulations, swimming pool lovers and enthusiasts, you now know how to calculate the volume of a 24-foot round pool! Knowing the volume of your pool is essential for proper maintenance and chemical balance. By following the step-by-step instructions we discussed, you can ensure that you have accurate information to make the most of your pool care routine.

Keep in mind that variations in measurement accuracy and slight differences in pool shape may affect the exact volume calculation. However, the method we outlined gives a good estimate for general reference.

Remember, if you have any doubts or find it challenging to measure your pool accurately, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional or pool specialist. They can provide expert guidance tailored to your specific pool. Happy swimming, and enjoy your well-maintained pool!


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